Ultra Filtration


Membrane is a thin layer of material that is capable of separating compounds as a function of physical and chemical properties when a driving force is applied across the membrane, which has been widely used in a wide range of applications in water industry.  Ultra-Filtration it removes suspended solids, turbidity, macro molecules and bacteria to greater extent. There are two types of modules available in an ultra-filtration membrane one is “in to out filtration” and other one is “out to in filtration”. Afval experienced in both the type of filtration.

Afval offers fully automated PLC controlled skid mounted units with a compact design. We offer wide range of MOC for skids in SS 304, SS 316, SS 316L and MS epoxy painted etc. based on client requirements. We are offering standardized skid units as well as customized units depending upon client need.

Some of the advantages of UF are:

  • Removal of germs, bacteria and suspended solids.
  • No additional chemicals are needed over and above conventional treatment process.
  • Very fine nominal pore diameter (0.02 µm)
  • Simple and safe to operate.
  • Periodical backwashing and air scouring extend the operating life by removing the fouling layer.
  • Treated water will have low SDI; hence the downstream RO membrane life can be increased.